Why do we need a professional interpreter in a hospital?

A trip to the doctor can be intimidating for a person who is sick and cannot tell what he/she experiences. It is an incapable feeling of not being able to tell a nurse and/or doctor exactly how this person might feel. For this, healthcare facilities and professionals need another mouth and that is exactly what a medical interpreter will do for you. A professionally trained Medical Interpreter would gladly listen to whatever the patients and their relatives speak and communicate the same to the hospital staff.

An interpreter is one who clears out any sort of misunderstandings and lack of knowledge between both the patient and the doctor and medical staff. They will be able to explain the causes, symptoms and after effects of any physical problem, disease and also the treatment in simple language.

You need a professional and w
ell trained interpreter and not just any self learned interpreter. For example, suppose you need an Arab interpreter, someone who is fluent and competent in Arabic and English and most important trained to understand medical terms, names of medicines, symptoms, treatments and various kinds of surgeries.

There is also a risk when you let family members to interprete for a patient. It does not matter how much a family member knows about the desease and/or treatment, she/he will always be bias about the situation. 

Unfortunately there are many healthcare facilities that don't understand the implications of letting 'anybody' interprete. 

The more communication, the pathway
 is free of problems, and confusions between the doctor, the nurse and the patient. A better understanding of the possibilities of improvement and effects of medicines, the costs of treatments can give the patient a clear view of making decisions within the parameters laid out by the hospital. Effective communication between the interpreter and patient and also modify the type of treatment used for each patient.

A patient and doctor can avail from an interpreter who, apart from knowledge of medical terminology, will also have knowledge about the local cultures, beliefs and traditions of the each patient. So that helps them to communicate in a better manner and make the patient feel much more relaxed.


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